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Hildegard von Binge Drinking, Voltage ++ Decibelles ++ Minami Deutsch, Schweben, Red On ++ Fai Baba, Male Gaze ++ Soft Grid ++ XYEAHX Summer Fest 2017 w/ Duchess Says, Boytoy, Die Tunnel, Mock, AG Form ++ Hildegard von Binge Drinking, Puff Pieces, Yass ++ Wand, Pill ++ Digger Barnes ++ Mouse On The Keys, Mutiny On The Bounty ++ Civil Civic, Molde, Dwarphs ++ Elvis Depressedly, TV Girl ++ Horse Lords, Cloud Becomes Your Hand ++ Karies, Mount Logan ++ Stabil Elite ++ Oum Shatt


Pisse, Battra ++ Crystal Soda Cream ++ Hildegard von Binge Drinking, Rolande Garros ++ Zement, Least Carpet ++ Soft Grid, Fun Fare ++ Dulac, Andalucia ++ Phantom Winter, Thurm ++ New Dog ++ Destruction Unit, Mount Logan ++ XYEAHX Summer Fest 2016 w/ White Wine, Less Win, Gloomsleeper, Schubsen ++ Skeletons, Daniel Voigt ++ Downtown Boys, Friends of Gas ++ Human Abfall, Cold Kids ++ My Disco, Miira ++ Hildegard von Binge Drinking, Die Römischen Votzen ++ KUF ++ Any Other ++ Die Wirklichkeit, Exchampion ++ Pretty Hurts, Negative Space ++ Peter Kernel


Maserati ++ Hildegard von Binge Drinking, Golden Disko Ship, Zement ++ Rats on Rafts, Seattle Jay ++ Dope Body, Exchampion ++ Camera, The Delay in the universal Loop ++ Nervosas, The Tidal Sleep, Teledrome, Opiliones ++ VEXX, No Fun, Jerknerds ++ DIE! DIE! DIE!, Human Abfall, Celesital Shore, Holydrug Couple, Schwule Nuttenbullen, Dulac ++ Föllakzoid, Zement ++ See Through Dresses, Des Ark ++ Dropout Patrol // Young Hare ++ Shokei / Pretty Hurts & 52 Hertz ++ Republic of Dream & Cassus ++ Dead Western ++ Useless Eater & No Fun ++ Warm Grave & Zement ++ Alte Sau & Hildegard von Binge Drinking


Pretty Hurts / PengPengPenguin / Mount Logan ++ The Intelligence ++ Die Nerven & Buzz Rodeo ++ Auxes & Birdcalls ++ Jail Weddings ++ Valerian Swing, 100% Chévalier, Bagarre, Avventur ++ Datashock & Pretty Lightning ++ Geoff Farina ++ XYEAHX Summer Fest w/ The Pharmacy, Zentralheizung of Death (Des Todes), The Dropout Patrol, Warm Graves, Lost Girls ++ Chain And The Gang, Karies ++ The Oscillation ++ Umberto, Kolter ++ Zachary Cale ++ High Wolf, Chicaloyoh ++ People of the North ++ Unur, Froe Char ++ Zentralheizung of Death (des Todes), Seattle Jay


Hildegard von Binge Drinking, Beißpony ++ Metz, Cheatahs, Pengpengpenguin ++ Total Heels, Vineyard Collective ++ Motorama, Wings of Love ++ Kommando Sonne-nmilch, Mutandini Karl ++ Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Hildegard von Binge Drinking ++ Ten Volt Shock, Big Eater ++ XYEAHX Summer Fest: 10 Jahre XYEAHX w/ Electric Electric, Schnaak, Auxes, Datashock, Candelilla, Harke, Mock, El Gos Binari, Ea$y Homez, Geezers ++ TV Buddhas, Seattle Jay ++ Umberto, Drnttcks, Hering und seine Sieben Sachen ++ Karo & Jets Vs. Sharks, The Dropout Patrol ++ Messer, Die Nerven


Native, Harke ++ E.D. Sedgwick, Les Trucs, Crime ++ Die! Die! Die!, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Unur ++ Xiu Xiu, Cankun ++ Doomsday Student, My Disco ++ Hush Hush ++ XYEAHX Summer Fest 2012 w/ Blithe Field, Pretty Lightning, Drnttcks, Harke, Pengpengpenguin ++ Kommando Sonne-nmilch, Die Nerven ++ Tannhäuser Sterben & Das Tod ++ Umberto, Kveld ++ Sex Jams, Folded Flags ++ Polite Sleeper, No Fun City (Film) ++ Des Ark, Sissters ++ Frank Apunkt Schneider (Vortrag), Young Hare, The Dropout Patrol ++ Human Tetris, Magnetic Poetry ++ Blouse, Reflekta Reflekta ++ The KVB, Elfenbeinturm


Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands, Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre ++ Civil Civic & Administration Shock Him ++ Edie Sedgwick, Sissters, Tending To Huey ++ Flamingo Creatures, Hering und seine sieben Sachen ++ Shokei, We Fade To Grey ++ My Disco, Pttrns ++ XYEAHX Summer Fest w/ Future Islands, Ten Volt Shock, Les Trucs, Datashock, Wings of Love, Young Hare ++ Unur ++ Parts & Labor, Trophy Wife ++ Dead Western ++ Die! Die! Die!, Karo & Sharks Vs. Jets ++ This Is Head, TV Buddhas ++ Title Tracks ++ Margarita, We Fade To Grey ++ Maserati, Günter Schickert, Urban Homes ++ Polite Sleeper, Young Hare ++ Terror Bird


Mahjongg ++ Joan Of Arc, Love Of Everything ++ Chromatics ++ The Falcon Five, Gtuk ++ Des Ark, Sissters ++ Blank Dogs, Dinousaur Bubbles ++ Maps & Atlases, Mutiny On The Bounty ++ Mouse On The Keys, Kid Ikarus, Eno ++ Future Islands, Panda People ++ XYEAHX Summer Fest w/ Wild Nothing, Mondo Ray, Single State of Man, Grave, Shovel… Let’s Go, Life of an Owl ++ These Are Powers, Antitainment ++ HEALTH, Les Trucs ++ Aimee Argote (Des Ark), Wendy ++ Double Dagger, Dave & Hal ++ My Disco, The Falcon Five ++ Royal Bangs, Here Comes Conclusion ++ Karl Blau, Elfenbeinturm ++ André Duracell, Mount Logan


Happiness, Liger ++ The Paper Chase, Cut That City! ++ Shokei, Patterns, The Falcon Five ++ Teenage Cool Kids, Algernon Cadwallader ++ Lovvers, Kitty Empire ++ Die! Die! Die!, Ibsen ++ Upsilon Acrux, Obstacles ++ Happiness, Ufo Vs. Riesenwelle ++ Mahjongg, The Falcon Five, Ben Butler & Mousepad ++ Edie Sedgwick, Mondo Ray, Harke ++ Airpeople, Tschilp, 80km vor Baghdad ++ Clara Clara, Lisa Freieck ++ Challenger VS. Auxes, We Fade to Grey ++ Panther, Dave & Hal ++ 31 Knots, Future Islands ++ Oxford Collapse, Ibsen ++ Gregor Samsa, Eno


Des Ark, Jason & Theodor ++ Hrsta, Grave, Shovel Let’s Go! ++ Bad Dudes, The Show is the Rainbow ++ DD/MM/YYYY, Tar Feathers++ From Monument to Masses, A.Armada ++ The Pharmacy, Bellafea ++ O‘ Death, Shokei ++ It’s Not Not, We Fade to Grey ++ Munch Munch, Invisible Umbrella ++ Homecomings ++ XYEAHX Summer Fest ’08 /w Meneguar, Tar… Feathers, Patterns, Woods, The Falcon Five, Allez Les Autres ++ Parts & Labor, Ibsen ++ Milemarker, Rome Asleep ++ Schneller Autos Organisation, Les Trucs ++ Gregor Samsa ++ Sleeping People, Polite Sleeper ++ Shokei, Kids Explode, Confused ++ Dartz, Pleased to Meet U ++ Single State of Man, Kontrapunkt ++ Japanther, Vortex Rex ++ Yamon Yamon, Karo ++ Des Ark, Die Charts ++ Arms and Sleepers, Birthmark

2007 :

Parts & Labor, Proceed On… ++ Vague Angels, Tanakh, Caretta Caretta ++ Antelope, Red Tape Parade ++ The Get Hustle, Eve Massacre ++ Telemark, Pleased to Meet U, The Falcon Five, Here Comes Conclusion ++ Duracell, Chin up Chin up, Kevin Devine ++ The Falcon Five, Mondo Ray ++ The Pope, Shokei ++ Omega Massif, Fitzcarraldo ++ Fin Fang Foom, Ben Davis & The Jett$, Single State of Man ++ End of a Year, Kids Explode ++ The Jai-Alai Savant, Subrosa Falcon Association ++ The Paper Chase, Eve Massacre, Signals to Aircraft ++ Punk, D.C. (lesung), Greg MacPherson ++ Make Believe, Here Comes Conclusion ++ Maserati, Ostinato, Caretta Caretta ++ Cut City, Chewbacca Defense ++ Shokei-Fest mit Gtuk, Petethepiratesquid ++ Headlights, Audrey

2006 :

xyeahx-festival: Victory at Sea, Aids Wolf, Old Growth, Metal Hearts, Science of Yabra ++ The Grey, End of all theory ++ Spacehorse, Pengpengpenguin ++ Zookeeper, Captain Planet, Matula ++ He who corrupts, Deto-nation, Seven Bowls of Wrath ++ Haram, Kaospilot ++ The 101, Wallace ++ Jai-Alai Savant, Killeraffentheorie ++ Racebannon, Battleship ++ xyeahx-festival: Gregor Samsa, Watchers, Ghost Mice, Kenazri’s Middle Kata, Crap Artist ++ Glass and Ashes ++ Ampere, Sinaloa ++ An Albatross, The Falcon Five ++ Rainer Maria, Caretta Caretta ++ Wow, Owls!, Ultra Dolphins, Fuck u is my name

2005 :

Omega Massif, Mount Logan ++ The Flesh, The Jai-Alai Savant ++ Kimya Dawson, Jason Anderson, Tiger Saw ++ Amanda Rogers, Limited Express (has gone?) ++ This is a call to arms, Kids explode, Seven bowls of wrath ++ Maserati, Slingshot Dakota ++ Greg MacPherson, Zann ++ Turbostaat, Databreak ++ The Fiction, Sheep among lions ++ The 101, Fiya, Crap Artist ++ The Chinese Stars, The Audience ++ Oiro, This is a call to arms ++ xyeahx-festival: Koufax, Funeral Diner, McCarthy Blacklist, Proceed on… ++ a day in black and white, Golden Birds ++ The plot to blow up the eiffel tower, Eve Massacre ++ Sex Positions, Kenzari`s Middle Kata ++ Breather resist, Elision ++ Tiger Lou, Torpedo, Firefox ++ Chris Leo, Shokei

2004 :

Van Norden, Kleinlaut ++ Amanda Rogers ++ Statistics, Hanalei ++ The Paperbacks, Commando Spitfire ++ Monochrome ++ Year Future, Stop it !! ++ Raein, Dead Radio Transmission ++ From monument to masses, End on End ++ Yage, Fuck u is my name ++ The Saddest Landscape, The Pine ++ Takaru, Zann ++ Bats and Mice, Amanda Rogers ++ This ain`t Vegas, Seven feet four, Cleanwall ++ Gregor Samsa ++ Switchblade, This is a call to arms

2003 :

Disco Drive, Play, McCarthy Blacklist ++ The Vanishing, Databreak ++ Sometree, Rob and the pinhole stars ++ Funeral Diner, Raein, The idea of ++ Kevin Devine ++ Light the fuse and run, 1000 travels of Jawaharlal, Sin Sinatra ++ Koufax, Wallace ++ Nationale Blue, The sighs of sissifed resistance, Shokei ++ North of America, European Translation of ++ Standstill, .Trilogy of the same story, Call David ++ Kaospilot, Francis Brady ++ Homage to Catalonia